Update on the 1925 Project

Cold Reality.jpg

"Cold Reality" 

Just like all projects, this project has already taught me some brand new techniques and discoveries all from following a simple idea. This Kodak Brownie camera is simply perfect to me. It's an extreme challenge to use causing me to focus on being a better photographer and less of a modern digital nerd with a toy. It contains no autofocus, no image stabilization, no batteries, and no memory cards. I am limited to only 8 images because of the 6x9 film size of each photo. Every shot has to be well thought out and planned. This project has caused me to appreciate photography even more than before. 

I also discovered the scan size possibilities of medium format film. The two images within this post are scanned at 165 megapixels. Not to shabby for an old 1925 film camera. The technology of the camera has changed through the years, but the art of photography itself has also changed. The film, developing chemicals, lab tools, scanning machines, computers, lenses, and even printing papers has all changed through the years and gotten better and better. However, we don't have to purchase big brand name cameras to achieve great results. You are the artists and without you the camera is nothing. 

Break Time Trails.jpg

"Break Time Trails"