Holiday Photos


The holidays are quickly approaching. Many families will be making plans, mothers and grandmothers will be getting out their best recipes, some will prep their nerves for that relative that drives them crazy, and someone will be getting their camera ready to document the excitement of their favorite people. At first we may hate getting our photo taken. But after a ton of food and many relaxing family games we will open up and love each other all over again just like we did last year. That moment is the best time to  take photos. 

So what can we do to take photos of the ones we love? I built a business off this. I know a thing or 2 about it.

You can:

1) Purchase a few disposable cameras at your local grocery store and photograph everyone there. Or buy one for each immediate family.

2) Purchase a modern day Polaroid. Yes, they still make them and film cartridges for them.

3) Get out that modern day digital camera that has been hiding in the closet all year waiting for you.

4) Get out your uncles old vintage film camera he gave you and get some film at your local or Walmart.

5) Lastly if you have nothing else, you can always whip out your smart phone.

Once you have a camera there are many different things to take photos of:

- Take a selfie with everyone in the family

- Take a group shot of the whole family

- Take a group shot of each immediate family grouping

- Take photos of the smallest kid (these are grandmas favorite)

- Take photos of your cousins

- Take a photo with your favorite cousin. And your least favorite and don't tell them who is who.

- Take photos of your grandparents

- Take photos of your parents

- But ultimately, take photos of those who mean the most to you.


Print them all out and use them as gifts for upcoming birthdays. This is a huge hit with moms, aunts, and especially grandma! O and all the men like them too, even if there not man enough to say it. 

Hope this gives you some big ideas as you get ready for the holidays and have a blast documenting the people you love.