The Melting Smile

"Why do you take so many photos of me all the time," says my babe.

"Because I love you," I respond.

"But why?"

"Why do I love you or why do I take so many photos of you?"

Her face quickly turned to that hot and sexy sassiness that I love and I knew that she wanted another answer to her first question.

"As a photographer I capture the things that mean the most to me. The things that I desire the most. The things that I want to take with me. The things that would greatly damage me if I lost. And you are those things babe," I said tenderly but yet as a matter of fact

Her intensely sassy face quickly began to melt away into an epic loving, beaming, "I love you", smile. These are some of those smiles.  


Why do you take photos? We all do it, but why? Something as simple as learning the why will give purpose to your photos and cause you to have even more fun than before.