JBMercer Photography

Fine art portraiture services specializing in the original authentic use of film.

A nonrefundable booking fee of $100s due upon booking.


Fine Art Prints beginning at $15 for a 4x6

High Resolution Digital image at $50

Digitals are also available, starting at $220 for an entire set. Typically 30-50 photos

Weddings Services are $400 per hour of service (covers travel expenses, film, developing fees, taxes, editing, my time)and a private gallery to download the digitals.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


This is an image of a Christmas tree taken so out of focus, that the lights are made into circles of color creating an entirely new image that appears nothing like a christmas tree. 

It's fascinating how we can often become so unfocused on God's will that we choose to see something entirely off base of His direction and claim that it is His will when really it is simply our own.

Christmas Lights

If you like this photo and would like to see more of my fine art portfolio, please follow the link below.