Disney Magic

The wife and I recently went to Disney for the weekend. The first day was my favorite, Hollywood Studios. The second day was Animal Kingdom followed by Magic Kingdom so we could see the fireworks. Because what’s a Disney trip without fireworks? Then the last morning we spent at Epcot before heading back home. 

While we were visiting, I spoke with an old man in a wheel chair. He was a greeter at the entrance to the famous RainForest Café where we ate. He asked my wife if I was her Prince charming. She let out an adorable giggle followed by a, “Yes he is”.

The man then went on to say, “Well son if you want to experience the true magic of Disney, hold her hand. And if you really want to feel the magic, skip with her while you do it.”

“That’s a sweet ole man,” I thought to myself.

But later, after revisiting this thought I drew another conclusion. Someday I may be that old man sitting there alone in a wheel chair. When that day comes I am sure that I will regret not holding her hand while I had the chance to. 

"Maybe I should take his advice?"

We ended the day watching fireworks together. Standing in the muggy Floridian heat, sweat rolling down my brow, sore feet begging me to sit, fireworks exploding above us, and the epic smell of gunpowder filling my nostrils. My babe leaned into me and had this gorgeous smile that spelled out contentment in her eyes. That moment was worth the whole trip! That moment was truly magic! The old man was right.

Life is ultimately very short, and she won’t always be there. Therefore, live and love while you can.  

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