1925 Project

It's personal projects that make us better artists. Because it is a personal project we are willing to add all our passion and desire to the creative process that we may choose not to bring to a professional shoot. This freedom allows us to try something new and experience life in a way that we have not done before. And even if you have already done it. I haven't and I therefore do not know what that's feels like. And I may see it from an angel that you have not and I may make a discovery that you didn't. Therefore I am compelled to try it for myself and learn for myself. This is my creative adventure.

I discovered a vintage 1925 Kodak Brownie Hawkeye #2 A medium format camera in an old antique shop next to one of my favorite restaurants. Which is Moe's by the way. Their Queso is my jam!!! I was trying to be extremely efficient with my money so I didn't purchase it even though the temptation was extremely high for me. I went home and reasoned with my wife and being that it was only $21 dollars I concluded that it was well worth the investment. So I went back and purchased it and eventually took one of my most favorite family photos of my career. 


This camera has 4 settings comprised of 2 shutter speeds and 3 f-stops. The lowest f-stop is f14 and the fastest of the 2 shutter speeds is 1/40th of a second. The other speed is the basic bulb mode. The camera also does not compensate for camera shake. Requiring that I breathe like a rifleman and squeeze the shutter lever as I take the shot. And yes it is a shutter lever not a shutter button. Which actually helps compensate for less cameras shake and smoother capturing of the photographs. This camera also only takes 8 images on a single roll of medium format film.

The 1925 project is an experiment of mine in taking this old classic camera and shooting rolls of Kodak PORtra 400 in an attempt to become a better photographer. It is also a way for me to better understand the man George Eastman who created my most favorite form of artistic expression in the world. 

This will make me a better photographer in that the camera contains great limitations when compared to a modern day digital camera. These limitations will cause me to think outside of the societal box and learn to achieve something very old to the art of photography but very new to me personally. 

My favorite family photograph ever taken. It was shot on this camera.

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