JBMercer Photography

Fine art portraiture services specializing in the original authentic use of film.

A nonrefundable booking fee of $100s due upon booking.


Fine Art Prints beginning at $15 for a 4x6

High Resolution Digital image at $50

Digitals are also available, starting at $220 for an entire set. Typically 30-50 photos

Weddings Services are $400 per hour of service (covers travel expenses, film, developing fees, taxes, editing, my time)and a private gallery to download the digitals.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Upcoming Personal Projects

Personal Projects are the key for any artists to explore their own creative skill while also simultaneously exploring their favorite medium. For me that medium is the art of photography. Personal Projects are a way to grow quicker and more effectively than any college course, online class, or text book can teach you. It's real hands on experience and it's fun. Here is a list of my personal projects that I will be crushing for the rest of 2017.

  • Faces if Chichigalpa (portraits of some personal friends in Nicaragua all on film)
  • 1925 Project (fine art photos from the ole 1925 Brownie)
  • Film Testing (learning to expose it, develop it, scan it, and edit it)
  • Family Portraits (my family is always first)
  • Building the Portfolio (my style has changed)
  • The Rose (a book about my experience as a photographer through the life of my niece)