Purdy Girl Jenkins Goes to Disney

For the holidays each year we go and visit one side of the family for one holiday such as Thanksgiving and then for the next holiday we go and visit the other side. This way we are able to visit both my side of the family and my wife's side of the family each and every year. It has been a great idea and allowed us to stay close with everyone that we care about. This last 2017 year my wife's side of the family, "The Jenkins Clan" as I call them. Decided that they wanted to do a big Christmas trip together this year since we wouldn't get to see each other for Christmas and instead of buying each other gifts we would spend it all on our trip to Disney. It turned out to be a great idea and we had a blast seeing Disney all decorated for Christmas and the reaction on my little nieces face. As we were planning al of this, I purchased my dream camera and being the family photographer. I was compelled to bring it along and test it out. Thats right. I brought a heavy pro grade film camera to Disney and carried it around my neck all day long and it was worth every little minute. Here is a video of the images below featuring one of my favorite songs Pennies From Heaven by Louis Prima.