The Adorable Eldridge Family 2018

One family that I have come to love is the Eldridge Family. Every year, not matter what. They come back and book me again. They believe in me and they trust me to create awesome portraits of their family. Portraits that are worth their time, energy, and money every booking. At one point in time they was just a family that I had met through my local church looking for a decent photographer, now they are part of my family. 

Bryce's Flag_-21.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-22.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-3.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-23.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-43.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-37.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-66.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-74.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-77.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-57.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-58.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-62.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-93.jpg
Bryce's Flag_-5.jpg