The Basic Rundown of a Session with me.

  1. First off, have a wild crazy time with me taking photos at an agreed upon location. Seriously, we will have a blast!
  2. Then I take the photos and begin processing them
  3. Then within 2 weeks you will be sent a private email invite to a gallery containing all of your photos. All my clients get a minimum of 30 photos.
  4. Then from within the gallery you will be able to make you purchase of prints, digitals, digital sets (as in all the digitals ;)), photo album, gallery canvas, and more. 
  5. Then you blow up Facebook sharing all of your experience with JBMP.

Portrait Pricing

Booking Fee of $100 for sessions in Florida, and $200 for out of state.

Digital Sets (As in all the digitals of the entire session;))

  • Low Res Set (for max printing of 5x7) $200
  • Mid Res Set (for max printing of 8x10) $300
  • High Res set (for max printing of 16x20) $450

Individual Digital Files are also available for $50 a peice

Prints begin at $8 for a 4x6

My Style

My style has always been that of a journalistic documentarian. So, that means light editing or manipulation to what is seen. That also means very little posing and "the fake" look of so many artists. I want to take photos in the moment when your true colors are shown through . Photos that reveal the true essence of who you are. #itslessofmeandmoreofyou

Wedding Pricing

Wedding Prices are based in $400 per hour and $500 per hour same week notice.

Additional Out of state weddings will have $250 traveling fee.

All digitals of your wedding day are included set of actual old school polaroids.

Prints begin at $8 for a 4x6

Luxury Bride and Groom Album is $315

Smaller Parent/Bridal Party Albums are $105